Friday, July 31, 2009

How can I repair the zipper on my tent?

The teeth on the zipper don't come together for about 1/4 of an inch. The zipper is ok above and below this spot and nothing wrong with the zipper pull. I can unzip the door about three feet before I come to the bad spot. I can't pull the zipper past this spot.

Any ideas?

How can I repair the zipper on my tent?
try soap to make it slide better but it sounds like your in for a new zipper if thats the case take the tent to someone who dose upholstery work they have the sewing machine that could fix it


Saturday, July 25, 2009

Why are there TWO zippers?

Why are there somtimes two zipper things on hoodies and jackets? And sometimes only one?

Ive always wondered this!

Why are there TWO zippers?
im wearing a hoodie like that now ha i dont know why jusdt a fashion sort of thing!
Reply:So if you zip the top one up, you can pull the second one up too to open up the jacket, it's a fashion thing, I guess.
Reply:that way you can sorta wear it like a cardie and on;y "botton" a few bottons at the top and leave the bottom undone.


How do you remove a zipper that is stick at the top of the jacket?

The bottom of the zipper track parted and now the zipper mechanism is lodged at the top of the zipper tracks and the tracks are wide open except at the top. I don't know how to get the zipper off without tearing the cloth or bending the there a tool or trick to it?

How do you remove a zipper that is stick at the top of the jacket?
Use a pair of needle nosed pliers to press the misaligned teeth below the zipper bath together again, you should then be able to slowly back the zipper down the jacket.
Reply:use candle wax,run the candle on the zipper,that should do the trick and of course all the suggestion above are great,too.But if you still have problems with it,have the zipper change.


Reply:I have heard that you can run a pencil up and down the zipper then it should help...


Is there a way to put a zipper back on a sweater?

My cousin and i were play fighting and she ripped open my sweater causing the zipper (the part that zippers it up) to go on the opposite side that it should be on. Is there a way i can re-attach the zipper?

Is there a way to put a zipper back on a sweater?
If all the teeth are still there and it is the kind of zipper that separates completly into two halfs when you unzip it you could try the following.

If you haven't already done this, first pull the zipper apart so that your sweater is unzipped. Pull the slider down the zipper until it comes off completly.

Go to the collar of the sweater and examine the end of the zipper track, there should be a small metal end stop over the end of the zipper track to prevent the zipper from coming off when you zip it all the way to the top.

Using a small screw driver or other small implement and maybe some pliers carefully remove the end stop from the zipper track on the side that the slider belongs and discard it.

You should now be able to slide it back onto the zipper track and move it back down to the bottom where it belongs. If the end of the zipper track is sewn into the collar it may be necessary to unpick it and sew it back in.

All things being well you should be able to zip it back up normally. If the end stop is still intact on the other track you should be able to still zip it all the way without the slider coming off.
Reply:Of course you can get it fixed but it may cost about 15 dollars, how much is the sweater worth??? Could you just go buy a new one?
Reply:yea there is way and its called sewing it back on.
Reply:A tailor or seamstress will fix it back on.
Reply:You can try taking a screwdriver and try to pry the zipper slider open just a little. Now manually close about one inch of the zipper and carefully put the slider into position and squeeze closed with a pliers. No guarantees but I have done it in the past.
Reply:Of course! Take it to a dry cleaner's and it won't cost anymore than $10, $15 tops. Good luck! : )

maintenance repairs

Why are there bumps on the zippers of all my sweatshirts???

to help grip the zipper

Why are there bumps on the zippers of all my sweatshirts???
Mine do that after they have been washed a few times...It might happen because the fabric holding the zipper in is a different type of fabric than the sweat shirt. That's my thinking at least I dont know if Im right or not.


What doe the "YKK" on zippers mean?

Look at your pants or jacket zipper, does it say YKK? Probably. What does it stand for?

What doe the "YKK" on zippers mean?
The YKK on the zipper of your clothes stands for Yoshida Kogyo Kabushibibaisha, the world's largest zipper manufacturer.
Reply:lols i was always wondering the SAME thing. but i never wanted to ask because the question sounds random.

credot siosse

How do you fix a split zipper? why do they split ?

It happened to a couple of my sweaters and I tried changing zippers...HELP!

How do you fix a split zipper? why do they split ?
Generally one of two things.

You have some damaged teeth in the zipper run which allow the zipper to slide off track. In this case your only choice is to replace the zipper or not zip over this section.

A bend in the zipper at just the right angle caused the two teeth to split allowing the rest to follow and open up the zipped area. If there is no permenant damage to the zipper teeth on either side, rub a lead pencil over the teeth to reduce the friction against the teeth and work the zipper down to the bottom of sweater and try to re-zip.

You can't 'repair' a zipper, but at the same time all split zippers aren't damaged. Some companies just make lousy zippers!
Reply:I don't know, but it does happen
Reply:Good luck, they're frustrating!
Reply:try waxing the zipper...if not take to seamstress

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