Saturday, July 25, 2009

How do you fix a split zipper? why do they split ?

It happened to a couple of my sweaters and I tried changing zippers...HELP!

How do you fix a split zipper? why do they split ?
Generally one of two things.

You have some damaged teeth in the zipper run which allow the zipper to slide off track. In this case your only choice is to replace the zipper or not zip over this section.

A bend in the zipper at just the right angle caused the two teeth to split allowing the rest to follow and open up the zipped area. If there is no permenant damage to the zipper teeth on either side, rub a lead pencil over the teeth to reduce the friction against the teeth and work the zipper down to the bottom of sweater and try to re-zip.

You can't 'repair' a zipper, but at the same time all split zippers aren't damaged. Some companies just make lousy zippers!
Reply:I don't know, but it does happen
Reply:Good luck, they're frustrating!
Reply:try waxing the zipper...if not take to seamstress

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