Saturday, July 25, 2009

Why do men's and women's clothes have zippers and buttons on opposite sides?

women used to have a helper dress them and it was easier to the helper if the buttons and zippers were reversed.

Why do men's and women's clothes have zippers and buttons on opposite sides?
they do?
Reply:It dates back to when women were dressed by servants but men dressed themselves. Thus, the servant facing the woman to dress her needed the buttons on the SERVANT'S right for convenience.
Reply:As for why buttons on men's clothing are on the opposite side of the garment from women's, this again was a bow to convention. Most people are right-handed. Men generally dressed themselves, so their buttons are on the right. Women, on the other hand, at least those who could afford garments with buttons, frequently had a lady's maid to assist with the dressing process -- so the buttons were reversed to make it easier for the maid to do them up.
Reply:good question,u must be bored tho!
Reply:so the slave children folding them can differentiate which pile to throw them in in case one gewts lost from the others.
Reply:Women usally have help in dressing, so it's easier for the person helping to button or zipper if it was adjusted reversed.
Reply:Because one side is from Mars %26amp; the other from Venus.
Reply:women were usually helped in dressing up in earlier days so the zippers and buttons were often kept on the reverse side.moreover, i guess, it would have looked silly if men had to have their zippers and buttons at the back and women had to have them in the front
Reply:I believe it's because back in the old days women used to be dressed by their servants or housemaids so the fasteners where placed to accomodate a person from the other direction.

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